Carmen Mora


Carmen was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1985.

She studied Business Science and worked in the banking sector. At the same time, she took studies in Fine Arts at prestigious schools such as Saint Martins or The Arts Student League of New York.

Carmen has played with many techniques, which she sees as different tools of expression, but sculpture is the one she currently identifies the most with.

Her work is reminiscent of surrealism and takes a look at the power of imagination and wonder. Each piece is a biological sculpture in continuous transformation, such as flowering and growth in the case of plants, or change and erosion in the case of rocks.

Her sculptures, which come in small, medium and large formats and feature various materials, such as iron and steel, coexist in different environments, including houses, offices, gardens, etc., as part of private collections or in companies and foundations in Spain, Europe and Asia.

The artist’s work is displayed at her studio in the neighbourhood of Ciudad Jardín, in Madrid.